Over 3000 items

Cooperating with us, you do not have to worry about how to fill the shelves of your retail outlets. There is always a huge range of models, which are sorted into groups for ease of selection.
Production of board games under the order with your logo

The minimum circulation is 1000 pieces of one name. Any development and implementation in production of your ideas. We are ready to make board games with your logo or make any advertising holders for our boxes, on which your logo and any of your information will be drawn. Call or email and let's talk about everything.
Own production

We have our own production of board games and creative kits, which means that your assortment selected from our collections will not be stamped by China, and you will already have an advantage over your rivals. We also consider any non-standard solutions to your questions, including price ones.
Low prices

Of course, we have not lost sight of the most important thing is affordable prices. Since all materials are purchased domestically, toys are also made here using our own technologies, we can afford to set the lowest prices on the market and regularly launch promotions and discounts.
Fast delivery and defective returns

Wholesale deliveries to any city in our country occur within 1-3 days after receiving the order, without delay.

This guarantees the fact that it will always be profitable for you to work with the Rocket company! Hurry up to use your chance right now! Call or write.

All companies have marriage, especially manufacturers of toys from China. It is much easier for us to resolve the issue of marriage and dispose of it or replace it, because we manufacture everything in the Russian Federation. It is also possible to exchange a marriage that was received during transportation.

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